RECIPE: Holiday Bacon Appetizers (The Pioneer Woman)!


I love “The Pioneer Woman” show on the Food Network. Ree Drummond makes marrying a cowboy and moving out in to the middle of nowhere almost appealing. Almost!

This recipe is for her Holiday Bacon Appetizers, which you can make with either Parmesan cheese or brown sugar. While I initially only made the cheese version, I recently tried the brown sugar variety and have to say they are AMAZING! So much better than the cheese….and from a cheese lover like me, that’s saying a lot!



  • Club Crackers
  • Parmesan Cheese (yup, you can just use the Kraft version that comes in a plastic container!) OR Brown Sugar
  • Bacon (the thinner the bacon, the better)


  1. Preheat your oven to 250 degrees.
  2. Place a baking rack on a jelly roll pan.
  3. On a separate cookie sheet, lay out the club crackers (I used one sleeve of them).
  4. Use a teaspoon measuring spoon and scoop approximate one teaspoon of cheese onto each cracker (this is very messy, and some cheese will fall off).
  5. Take a half slice of bacon, and wrap it around the cracker and cheese. Pull on the bacon a bit to stretch it out as you want to cover as much of the cracker as possible.
  6. Place each wrapped cracker on the baking rack that is in the jelly roll pan.
  7. Back for 2 hours.

Check out the following video I made awhile back where I made the Parmesan cheese version of these: