RECIPE: Brown Sugar Bacon Bites!

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Confession: This “new” recipe is actually one that I already have here on the blog! These Brown Sugar Bacon Bites are just another name for these Holiday Bacon Appetizers, which are a Pioneer Woman creation that I first posted about last year. However, at that time I only made the Parmesan cheese version. Recently, I made the brown sugar version….and they were so good that I decided they needed their own dedicated recipe write up!

A Club cracker with brown sugar wrapped in bacon and baked didn’t sound very appealing to me when I first saw these being made on the “Pioneer Woman” show. Since I’m a cheese lovin’ gal, I naturally went for the Parm version. And while the Parm option is good, the brown sugar ones are GREAT! And I don’t think they should be relegated to only the holidays; these can be made year round!



  • Club Crackers
  • Brown Sugar
  • Bacon (the thinner the bacon, the better, as you will need to stretch it a bit to completely cover the cracker)


  1. Preheat your oven to 250 degrees.
  2. Place a baking rack on a jelly roll pan. Pictured below is a set on Amazon that is similar to the one I use.
  3. On a separate cookie sheet, lay out the club crackers (I used one sleeve of them).
  4. Use a teaspoon measuring spoon and scoop approximate one teaspoon of cheese onto each cracker (this is very messy, and some cheese will fall off).
  5. Take a half slice of bacon, and wrap it around the cracker and cheese. Pull on the bacon a bit to stretch it out as you want to cover as much of the cracker as possible.
  6. Place each wrapped cracker on the baking rack that is in the jelly roll pan.
  7. Back for 2 hours.

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