A New Beginning!

Hello, friends! Well, as you can see from the header (still a work in progress) and new URL, this blog has undergone a complete rebranding. After trying very hard for several years to make it as a daily deal blogger, I’ve had to face the reality that I need to put my time behind my other projects and to let SeeAnnSave.com go. So, I’m saying goodbye to daily deal blogging….but saying HELLO to my own personal branded website, AnnEckhart.com!

This decision was not an easy one to make. I have LOVED sharing freebies, coupons and deals with you all; I actually started this blog as a way for me to keep track of all the great offers for myself and to share with friends. However, financially, the daily deal posting is not cutting it. While I hate for things to boil down to money, I’m not independently wealthy, and I need to earn an income. Also, being tied down to a daily posting schedule has become quite stressful, especially on days when Papa needs more care. And you all know that Papa comes first! 🙂

I realized that my online “brand” shouldn’t be SeeAnnSave, but should be ME, and specifically, my books. My Kindle books bring in a nice bit of passive income. It’s not as great as it was when I first started publishing, but they give me a solid part-time level paycheck every month with no effort on my part. While I do update the books every year (a project I’m about to undertake for 2018, pray for me!), I don’t have to do any work on them for the majority of the year. I want/need to be known first and foremost as a writer.

So, with daily deal blogging not working and the need to make my books a bigger focus of my digital footprint, it’s with some sadness that I’ve had to put SeeAnnSave to rest. However, just because my site has a new name doesn’t mean that I’m done with blogging! In fact, without the pressure and time commitment of producing multiple daily posts, I plan to focus on original, quality content. I’ll be writing about selling on Ebay, making money online, and saving money. I’ll be reviewing products and sharing shopping hauls, along with recipes. And when a new video goes live, I’ll share it here, too.

So, to break it down:

  1. SeeAnnSave.com is now AnnEckhart.com.
  2. All of my social media accounts are now under “Ann Eckhart” – I will have the new links to them below this post.
  3. I won’t be posting daily deals, coupons, and freebies. However, I will be creating unique blog posts about saving money, making money online, product reviews, Disney World, and anything else that I feel inclined to post about!
  4. I’m also working on a “Saving Money” page here on the site with links to all of the coupon and freebie sites that provided me with my daily content so that you’ll have an easy way to access the daily deals. And I’ll post any hot deals that I see directly to my Twitter and Facebook pages as these still interest me, too!
  5. I will no longer be posting to my SeeAnnAtWDW YouTube channel; the trip vlogs that are there now will stay, but any new vacation footage will be on my AnnEckhart channel (same channel that was called SeeAnnSave, just under a new name). I will also be closing down the SeeAnnAtWDW Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.
  6. My 3-times-a-week YouTube vlogging schedule will continue as is, no changes to the content!

I know that some of you really loved my daily deal posting, and I’m sorry for those of you who are disappointed that I won’t be sharing coupons and freebies here anymore. However, I hope you’ll find that the content I share going forward is just as, if not more, valuable then what I’ve posted previously! Change is hard (this rebranding process has and continues to be hard!), but I’m confident it will be worth it!

As I mentioned above, my social media accounts have also been rebranded. If you were already following me under the SeeAnnSave moniker, you are still there even through the name has changed. However, going forward, here are my new links: