Saying Goodbye To SeeAnnAtWDW….Sort-Of!

So, with the big change I’ve recently made of rebranding from SeeAnnSave to just my name, Ann Eckhart (see new banner above!), there is one more decision I’ve made; and that is to stop uploading to my SeeAnnAtWDW YouTube channel. However, all is not lost in terms of Disney vacation vlogs, so keep reading!

When I first started SeeAnnAtWDW, I had really high hopes that it would surpass my main channel, AnnEckhart on YouTube. I envisioned going to Disney World at least twice a year and being able to create all kinds of unique videos. But, then reality hit. Not only was growing a second channel incredibly difficult, but the Disney vlogging community was super hard to break into. And my dreamed of two-trips-a-year plan also fell apart; now I’ll be lucky to go once a year.

Therefore, I’ve made the decision to no longer upload new videos to SeeAnnAtWDW. However, when I do travel to Disney World again, I WILL share the vlogs on my main channel! I will likely upload vacation videos on the weekend so as not to disrupt my regular Monday, Wednesday, and Friday schedule. This will hopefully provide enough space between my current content and special content such as vacations to keep both sets of viewers happy, as some only want Ebay content.

When I first started SeeAnnAtWDW, I actually already had two rounds of vacation vlogs up on my main channel. I ended up moving those videos to SeeAnnAtWDW; but over the weekend I made them public again on my Ann Eckhart channel again and they can no longer be viewed on the Disney channel. So those trips are still available to watch, they are just where they were originally.

My last two rounds of vacations vlogs will stay on SeeAnnAtWDW; I may move them over in the future, but as of now I’ll keep the channel live and leave those vlogs alone. However, I will be closing down my SeeAnnAtWDW Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages; again, just like Disney vlogs will be back on my main channel, any other Disney content I create will be under my Ann Eckhart brand, including this blog, my YouTube channel, and my social media accounts.

While I know some people will be sad to see SeeAnnAtWDW go, I really think having everything back under one channel will actually improve my vacation vlogs. When I had to film for a special channel, I often found myself over-filming just to create a lot of videos. From now on I’ll be able to focus on the best footage and not worry about filling up space.

As I mentioned, shortly the social media accounts for SeeAnnAtWDW will be disabled; so be sure you are subscribed and following me on my main accounts:

Now that I’m freed up from daily deal blogging and am bringing all video content under one channel, I’m hoping to have more time to write about Disney World here on the blog. I’d love to post travel advice along with restaurant and resort reviews. If there’s anything you’d like me to review, be sure to leave me a comment below letting me know!

I know all of the changes this past week have been a bit of a whirlwind, but now that the bulk of my rebranding is done, I’m excited to find my excitement again about writing, blogging, and vlogging! Thanks to all of you who’ve left supportive messages and who are looking forward to what’s to come! 🙂