GIVEAWAY: Enter To Win a 3-Piece Thirty-One Set!

I’ve had a busy week finishing up the rebranding of my site from SeeAnnSave to Ann Eckhart! And since you’ve all been so supportive of the changes, I want to celebrate with a GIVEAWAY!!! Big thanks to my friend and Thirty-One consultant Kim Brustkern for providing this prize package of an Essential Storage Tote, Cinch Top Tote, and Storage Caddy.

To enter to win this three-piece Thirty-One set, simply leave a comment below letting me know what kinds of blog posts you’d like to see here on this site!

This giveaway will be open for four days, after which time I will close the comments and randomly draw one name from all of the entries. The winner will be notified via email; the winner will have one week to claim their prize or a second winner will be drawn. US addresses only; must be 18 years of age or older.

P.S. CLICK HERE to check out Kim’s website to see all of the Thirty-One products currently available! 🙂

58 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Enter To Win a 3-Piece Thirty-One Set!

  1. I like posts that share about your eBay sales and estate sale hauls! I also love your Disney trip videos! Thanks for all that you do!

  2. I enjoy everything but espically your vlogs. You are truly honest about the ups and downs of working for yourself and dealing with family and household issues. Keep it up

  3. I really enjoy all content! I do miss your couponing deals and break downs but understand your going a new route. More eBay content and haul posts is always enjoyable.

  4. I enjoy your “what sold” , hauls and sourcing video blogs. And of course I enjoy the pugs and papa.

  5. I would like to see the pile of packages that you ship each day when you have them ready to go.

  6. Hello Ann. I love your recipes. May add an inspirational quote in the beginning of your blog. I too live all the content. Also change is always good. Best of luck.

  7. Congrats Ann on the rebranding. It’s so nice to find everything in one spot. I would like to see more eBay tips. I loved when you did your eMay month of May. That’s how I found you. Also would like to see stuff in the consignment shops.

  8. I love anything related to eBay. Helpful tips to hauls. And I also really enjoy recipe/food related topics! 🙂

  9. Hi Ann! I love everything you post and am so proud of your rebranding. YOU are the name and face of all you do and need to be front and center. 🙂 I enjoy the recipes and your personal stories of the fur babies and Papa. Have a GREAT week!

  10. More shop with me videos please! I first started watching for your back to school couponing videos. If you could maybe do some simple couponing videos if you have time please.

  11. I love everything you do, but I love the ebay posts the most. I enjoy sourcing videos and what sold for the week. I also love the style of your videos where you take us through your week and include Papa and Charlie and Lucy.

  12. Love your vlogs for Ebay, disney related and unboxings for subscription boxes are great! Not to mention vlogs on Papa and Pugs!!!!!

  13. I would love to see Disney related post and eBay post. ☺ love the rebranding, it is so easy to find everything in one place.

  14. Love your brave move to re-brand yourself. Love food subscription recommendations.

  15. I enjoy all your posts but as I’m an ebay seller myself, I especially enjoy your ebay posts. Thanks for the opportunity to win this great prize!

  16. I love your eBay content, but would love to also see updates, Disney related videos and blog posts, unboxings, and recipes!

  17. Love your reselling info and of course the pups and Papa. Congrats on the rebranding!

  18. I love rebranding, it just makes so much sense to look for you under your name and find all of your great content. I love the way your vlogs cover so many things, I found you looking for Disney vlogs but actually found so much more. Thanks for doing what ya do how ya do it. Love the unboxings cant wait for more.

  19. Keep on doing what you are doing! 🙂 I love the Ebay tips, hauls and sales, and knowing what is going on with you, Papa and the pugs!! I also really like seeing how you decorate for the holidays 🙂

  20. I love pretty much everything you post! 😍😍 But my top 2 are anything with eBay and all of your yummy recipes! 💜

  21. I love the vlog style blogs of your sales, hauls, etc. I also love getting my dog fix when you have Lucy and Charlie on! Also love seeing Papa! Thank you for posting all you do. I learn so much for my own eBay.

  22. I like anything to do with selling on ebay and or sourcing. Though I really enjoy anything that you do. I love Disney, estate sales, Papa and the dogs Charlie and Lucy.

  23. Would love to have more info from seller hub on eBay that helps with bookkeeping. Love the hail and sold videos,

  24. With the Holidays coming up more time saving tips and ways to reduce stress during the busy Holiday season.

  25. I love your weekly style of vlogs. It feels so realistic to what a typical week is really like. I enjoy seeing Papa and the pugs.
    I’d like to learn more about flatware and China. It terrifies me to ship. So maybe a video on wrapping also.
    Thanks for all you do.

  26. You always make such yummy recipes on your vlogs! I would like to see more recipes on the blog!

  27. I loved seeing your dad and your babies. Family means so much. Your eBay blogs are also a great tool to help others like myself. I loved seeing what you bought, how much you paid and what it sold for. Many blessings to you and your family.

  28. Love following you on IG and watching your videos! Since Q4 is here any extra tips would be great!

  29. Hi! I like seeing what has sold for you each week on EBay. I love learning from you and I appreciate your down to Earth attitude. Thank you!

  30. Hi Ann! I love anything ebay related, so keep it coming! Congrats on the rebransing, I know it wasn’t easy.

  31. I enjoy your You Tube channel and look forward to it all the time and God Bless you and have a great night

  32. I think you are very clever and smart and I enjoy your estate sale hauls and your ..what sold…segments….I like all your segments in one longer blog…and I am always happy to see a vlog alert from you!

    • I really enjoy seeing your weekly videos of your sales & what you’ve been up to for the week as well and of course seeing Pappa, Lucy & Charlie. As far as your blog goes, with all the different streams of income you have I’d be curious to see what goals you set for yourself per month and which streams of income do better for you and which don’t do as well? On second thought though that might be getting in your business too much?

  33. I enjoy your YouTube channel. The haul post along with how you, your dad, and the pugs are doing, and what sales on eBay and Amazon is what I view.

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