Hi, my name is Ann Eckhart, and welcome to my website! You may know me from when this blog was called SeeAnnSave, which is when I was posting daily deals, coupons, and freebies. However, I’ve recently rebranded to simply my name and have moved to a more traditional blog structure of posting original content (articles on everything from making money and saving money to Ebay and Disney World). I also post recipes, reviews, and shopping hauls.

This site serves as my “main hub”, the place where can find all of my books, videos, and social media sites. Here are all of my links:


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  1. Hi Ann,

    I discovered your YouTube vlogs of your Oct’16 trip to Disney World, and my curiosity kicked in as to how you did the Disney theme parks by yourself.

    I would still prefer to have a date to go to the Magic Kingdom. But I feel better about doing Epcot solo after watching, but only if it’s during Food & Wine. By the way, I live 40 minutes away from the parks.

    One last question, which is the hardest part about being solo at Disney: purchasing the ticket, walking in the park, getting on a ride, or eating out at a restaurant at the resort?

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Ann, I have been ‘going to” publsih a book on Amazon for years. I downloaded your book on 21 November, read it and publsihed my first book in Kindle on 12 December – just a short one on microscopes and how to use them, but it is a start. Thanks for the motivation and simple advice that got me moving!

  3. Hi Ann, Poppa, Lucy, and Charlie! Love your YouTube channel and looking forward to getting some great deals through your website.

  4. Hi, Ann!! I have been watching your YouTube channel, SeeAnnSave, for about 7 months and I must say I am addicted. I love the little glimpses into your life. Thank you for sharing. Papa, Lucy and Max are precious (of course Max & Lucy steal the show 🙂 ). In the last week I decided to try for some of the freebies myself and came over to your blog. I have clicked on several magazine and sample offers. I hope they work and my monthly freebie hauls are as good as yours. Guess we’ll see what starts rolling in, in a few weeks. Thank you so much for sharing the links. I hope you, Papa, Max and Lucy have a very Merry Christmas. Donya, Sumter S.C.

  5. Hi, Ann.
    I am new to your blog. I am glad I stumbled onto your channel, while searching for videos on Kindle publishing… I have a query. How do you make your e-book covers? Do you outsource them or make them yourself? A little more information on this process would be really helpful for me. Thanks 🙂

  6. Hello Ann,
    Just an idea, New EBook on what to buy and NOT to buy at Sam’s/Costco, Big Warehouse Stores!!!

  7. Hi Ann,

    I followed you over from your profile at KDP. Looks like you’ve really got a good working system down. You’ve covered all your bases, that’s for sure. You’re very inspirational!


  8. I love your YouTube channel!! I am a picker / reseller & couponer as well so you have truely been a huge help and inspiration to me!! Thank you for all of your advice, tips & tricks! Also, thank you for your dedication!! I can’t wait for more videos!! Loved e-may!!!

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