Buying Reseller Clothing Lots from Other Online Sellers

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My Ebay business is mainly centered around hard good (i.e. vintage, collectibles, housewares, etc.); but over the past couple of years I have added more and more clothing into the mix. Clothes are so cheap and plentiful, and they do sell faster than hard goods. However, for me, they are rather tedious to source. Therefore, lately I’ve been looking at wholesale and liquidation lots of clothing online, mainly from other resellers who are either trying to move excess inventory or are getting out of reselling altogether.

Ebay, Poshmark, and Mercari are filled with “reseller”, “resale”, and “wholesale” lots of clothing; but finding the good ones takes work. Here are my standards for the ones I look for; if you are selling lots yourself, I’d recommend applying these tips to your own listings to ensure fast sales and happy customers:

  1. I only buy in bulk. I pass by lots of only a handful of items; 20 or more pieces is my preferred order size.
  2. I typically only buy lots with a manifest, i.e. a list of the actual contents. I don’t need an individual photo and detailed description of each item; but I do want the brand, style, and size. For instance, “Gap shirt XL” at least lets me know what the piece is. I don’t buy lots from people who take a picture of a giant pile of clothing and say they’ll fill a box with 20 pieces that “might” contain certain brands. In order for me to make money, I need to know exactly what I’m purchasing.
  3. My price point is between $1-4 an item, and that is with shipping factored in. Items at the $4 price need to be higher end and/or new with tags. Locally I only spend $1-2 a piece on clothing; the only reason I spend a bit more online is that I’m usually getting better brands and I’m not having to do the leg work of actually sourcing each item. However, just as when I buy locally, when I buy online I need to keep my costs as low as possible.
  4. I prefer lots of the same style of items; I mainly sell shirts, so I’d rather source only tops. Sellers who have shirt, pants, dress, etc. specific lots are my preferred choices (although very few people do this; I wish more did!).
  5. I see many lots priced for the seller to make a large profit. While this is fine for those sourcing at the bins (Goodwill outlet where they pay by the pound and often get items for 25-cents or less), most sellers need to understand that these lots aren’t for making a large amount of money but are instead a way to recoup costs and move inventory. I love buying lots from the bins, though; I’ve bought several now from The Bin Pickers. Their pieces, for me, have averaged out to around $3.50 each with shipping; that’s enough for both of us to make a profit.
  6. I pass up lots that include items I can’t resell. If a lot contains 10 items for Ebay but also 10 pieces from Walmart, I’m not going to buy it. If you’ve got poor brands, it’s better to try to sell them locally or to just re-donate them instead of trying to sell them in bulk. I don’t sell Faded Glory, even new with tags. Lots need to contain inventory that I can sell for profit on Ebay. If you couldn’t sell an item on Ebay or Posh yourself, another reseller isn’t going to want it, either.

With so many “reseller” lots available online, it’s clear to me that many newer sellers overbought or are quitting the business altogether. Again, if you have dead stock you want to move, separate out the low end brands and try to sell those online or just re-donate them. If you do have good brands, create a nice sized lot, take a few clear photos, and type up a list of what is actually included. Make sure that, with shipping, the cost is between $1-4, and I may just buy your inventory myself! 🙂

How I Keep My Family Organized with My Easy Calendar System!

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It’s January 1st, and in my opinion, there’s no better way to kick off a new year than to get organized! And you can’t be organized without some sort of calendar system in place; and today I’m going to share mine with you. Note that this system is for my home and family, not for business. So, if you are looking for an easy way to organize your family, keep reading!

A new year calls for a new calendar; if you haven’t gotten one for already, you can head to Dollar Tree to find them for $1; and of course the calendar kiosks at the shopping malls are now discounting the 2018 versions as much as 75% off. I use a two calendar system to stay organized. I use an At-A-Glance Monthly Calendar as my main date book; it lives in a little nook in the kitchen next to the telephone and grocery list. All family appointments and other household dates (everything from birthdays to trash pickup days) goes in this book. The central location ensures that everyone in the house constantly sees the calendar and is reminded of upcoming events. And since it’s right next to the refrigerator, I also use magnets to put up appointment cards as backup reminders.

My second calendar is a small pocket-sized book; again, they sell these at Dollar Tree as well as most big box retailers such as Target and Walmart. This portable calendar lives in my purse; I sync it with the family calendar to ensure that I always know our schedule at home or out and about. When I make a new appointment, it immediately gets put on to both calendars. Note that you can also use the calendar app on your smart phone rather than a paper version; I personally find it easier to write things down.

It’s important to remember that I use these calendars for the family, not for my business. Unless I have an actual business appointment, nothing regarding my job goes in these calendars. They are strictly for keeping my household organized. Depending on the size of your family, you may find you need a larger calendar and that it may need to hang on a wall. Where you place it, it’s important that it be in a central location where everyone can see it. I personally prefer the monthly layout so that I can see exactly what is coming up for the entire month. While a weekly plan works for my business planning, a monthly version works better for the household.

If you don’t already have an at-home AND portable calendar system in place, it’s super easy and affordable to start. If you have older children and/or another adult in your household that needs to be aware of appointments while out of the house, you’ll want to encourage them to have a portable calendar, too. If your phones are on a family plan, you may be able to sync your calendars that way.

Do you have a calendar system? Leave me a comment below letting me know!

Why I’m Not Listing Anything New On Ebay Until Next Year!

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This weekend was disappointingly slow on Ebay; I was expecting much better sales. However, there are still two solid weeks of online shopping left before the Christmas buyers drop off; and come January the regular shoppers will be back. With only weeks until a new year, I’m currently strategizing how to end 2017 on a high note on Ebay. Here is my current plan:

Run Progressive Sales: I am currently running a 20% off storewide sale through Friday. I will then move to 25% off everything for another week. After that, I will do 30% and 40% sales through Christmas Day, finally going to 50% off for the week after Christmas.

Sell As Much As Possible: This aggressive sale schedule will hopefully result in a large amount of my inventory selling, which will not only help me end the year with a solid cash influx, but it will also help me inventory and organize what is left.

No New Listings Until 2018: I’m not planning on listing any new items on Ebay until January 1st. Again, this is to help me focus on liquidating current stock and inventory what’s left, allowing me to start fresh in the new year.

Take Photos & Create Drafts: Just because I’m not putting up new active listings doesn’t mean I’m not still working on new inventory. I am currently photographing items and creating drafts so that new listings can launch January 1st. Right now I only have Spring/Summer clothing and a handful of hard goods, so it’s not like I’m holding back any holiday specific items right now, anyway.

Source Carefully (If At All): Since I find hard goods at estate sales, whether or not I’m able to source anything depends on any sales popping up. As I have been doing for the past several months, I’ll only pick up items with a large resale value as most vintage items tend to sit for a while. There will likely be a half-off Goodwill sale and opportunities to buy clearance clothing at the consignment store; but again, if I do go to those places, I plan to be super picky. There will be plenty of chances to source in the new year; I don’t want to needlessly tie up cash in items that won’t be listed for another month.

Organize: As my inventory (hopefully) dwindles, I’ll be focusing on getting things more organized, both in my office and in the basement. I generally keep up on things being tidy and in their place, but the end of the year is a good time to really go through and get rid of items I’m not using and to straighten up my clothing racks and shelving units.

So, that’s what I’ll be doing on (and off) Ebay for the next four weeks! What about you? How are you closing out the year on the platforms you sell on? Be sure to let me know in the comment’s section below!

A New Beginning!

Hello, friends! Well, as you can see from the header (still a work in progress) and new URL, this blog has undergone a complete rebranding. After trying very hard for several years to make it as a daily deal blogger, I’ve had to face the reality that I need to put my time behind my other projects and to let go. So, I’m saying goodbye to daily deal blogging….but saying HELLO to my own personal branded website,!

This decision was not an easy one to make. I have LOVED sharing freebies, coupons and deals with you all; I actually started this blog as a way for me to keep track of all the great offers for myself and to share with friends. However, financially, the daily deal posting is not cutting it. While I hate for things to boil down to money, I’m not independently wealthy, and I need to earn an income. Also, being tied down to a daily posting schedule has become quite stressful, especially on days when Papa needs more care. And you all know that Papa comes first! 🙂

I realized that my online “brand” shouldn’t be SeeAnnSave, but should be ME, and specifically, my books. My Kindle books bring in a nice bit of passive income. It’s not as great as it was when I first started publishing, but they give me a solid part-time level paycheck every month with no effort on my part. While I do update the books every year (a project I’m about to undertake for 2018, pray for me!), I don’t have to do any work on them for the majority of the year. I want/need to be known first and foremost as a writer.

So, with daily deal blogging not working and the need to make my books a bigger focus of my digital footprint, it’s with some sadness that I’ve had to put SeeAnnSave to rest. However, just because my site has a new name doesn’t mean that I’m done with blogging! In fact, without the pressure and time commitment of producing multiple daily posts, I plan to focus on original, quality content. I’ll be writing about selling on Ebay, making money online, and saving money. I’ll be reviewing products and sharing shopping hauls, along with recipes. And when a new video goes live, I’ll share it here, too.

So, to break it down:

  1. is now
  2. All of my social media accounts are now under “Ann Eckhart” – I will have the new links to them below this post.
  3. I won’t be posting daily deals, coupons, and freebies. However, I will be creating unique blog posts about saving money, making money online, product reviews, Disney World, and anything else that I feel inclined to post about!
  4. I’m also working on a “Saving Money” page here on the site with links to all of the coupon and freebie sites that provided me with my daily content so that you’ll have an easy way to access the daily deals. And I’ll post any hot deals that I see directly to my Twitter and Facebook pages as these still interest me, too!
  5. I will no longer be posting to my SeeAnnAtWDW YouTube channel; the trip vlogs that are there now will stay, but any new vacation footage will be on my AnnEckhart channel (same channel that was called SeeAnnSave, just under a new name). I will also be closing down the SeeAnnAtWDW Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.
  6. My 3-times-a-week YouTube vlogging schedule will continue as is, no changes to the content!

I know that some of you really loved my daily deal posting, and I’m sorry for those of you who are disappointed that I won’t be sharing coupons and freebies here anymore. However, I hope you’ll find that the content I share going forward is just as, if not more, valuable then what I’ve posted previously! Change is hard (this rebranding process has and continues to be hard!), but I’m confident it will be worth it!

As I mentioned above, my social media accounts have also been rebranded. If you were already following me under the SeeAnnSave moniker, you are still there even through the name has changed. However, going forward, here are my new links:

Under Construction!

Hello, friends! Well, as the title of this post says, this site is currently undergoing a huge overhaul. I have BIG changes planned; and I will be revealing them all to you soon. I can’t say anything beyond that, but stay tuned as you’ll know more sooner rather than later. How’s that for peeking your interest and then leaving you hanging?! 😉