Why I’m Not Listing Anything New On Ebay Until Next Year!

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This weekend was disappointingly slow on Ebay; I was expecting much better sales. However, there are still two solid weeks of online shopping left before the Christmas buyers drop off; and come January the regular shoppers will be back. With only weeks until a new year, I’m currently strategizing how to end 2017 on a high note on Ebay. Here is my current plan:

Run Progressive Sales: I am currently running a 20% off storewide sale through Friday. I will then move to 25% off everything for another week. After that, I will do 30% and 40% sales through Christmas Day, finally going to 50% off for the week after Christmas.

Sell As Much As Possible: This aggressive sale schedule will hopefully result in a large amount of my inventory selling, which will not only help me end the year with a solid cash influx, but it will also help me inventory and organize what is left.

No New Listings Until 2018: I’m not planning on listing any new items on Ebay until January 1st. Again, this is to help me focus on liquidating current stock and inventory what’s left, allowing me to start fresh in the new year.

Take Photos & Create Drafts: Just because I’m not putting up new active listings doesn’t mean I’m not still working on new inventory. I am currently photographing items and creating drafts so that new listings can launch January 1st. Right now I only have Spring/Summer clothing and a handful of hard goods, so it’s not like I’m holding back any holiday specific items right now, anyway.

Source Carefully (If At All): Since I find hard goods at estate sales, whether or not I’m able to source anything depends on any sales popping up. As I have been doing for the past several months, I’ll only pick up items with a large resale value as most vintage items tend to sit for a while. There will likely be a half-off Goodwill sale and opportunities to buy clearance clothing at the consignment store; but again, if I do go to those places, I plan to be super picky. There will be plenty of chances to source in the new year; I don’t want to needlessly tie up cash in items that won’t be listed for another month.

Organize: As my inventory (hopefully) dwindles, I’ll be focusing on getting things more organized, both in my office and in the basement. I generally keep up on things being tidy and in their place, but the end of the year is a good time to really go through and get rid of items I’m not using and to straighten up my clothing racks and shelving units.

So, that’s what I’ll be doing on (and off) Ebay for the next four weeks! What about you? How are you closing out the year on the platforms you sell on? Be sure to let me know in the comment’s section below!