Your Biggest Online Branding Mistake & How To Fix It!

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If you have an online store and/or are a blogger/YouTube creator/social media influencer, then you are a BRAND! And developing and promoting your brand is the key to growing your business, however large or small that business may be. The bigger your brand, the more money you can make.

Why is branding important? Creating a “brand” shows others that yours is a serious endeavor. Not just potential customers, but also other companies. And if you are a blogger or YouTube creator, working with companies is a key part of what will help you bring in more income.

Branding is much more than just your actual site; it extends to all aspects of your social media presence. The biggest mistake I see people making is also the easiest to fix: Making sure your social media screen names match the site you are trying to drive traffic to. Whatever your main website it – your blog, Ebay/Etsy store, YouTube – you want to make sure that site’s name matches your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Google+ accounts.

If you do a Google search for “See Ann Save”, the first page of results is ALL of my sites. My blog, YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram….even my TeePublic store are all front and center. Anyone who has searched for me automatically sees that I am a legitimate “brand”, that my business is a serious one that they can trust to shop from or to work with. (Note that my Ebay business is separate; I don’t promote it other than sharing listings to Twitter and Pinterest.)

Figure out the sole name you want to be identified with. For me, it’s “See Ann Save”; thus, I’ve made sure that it’s my name across all platforms. Then change your screen names on all of your social media sites to match it. Editing screen names is easy, although some sites limit you to only one or two changes, so make sure you choose wisely from the start. Doing this is not only quick and easy, but it will dramatically help you grow your brand!

5 Tips for Dealing with the Ebay Summer Slowdown!

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If you sell on Ebay (or Amazon or Etsy), you may currently be experiencing the dreaded “summer slowdown”! I certainly am; my sales for June are quite a bit less than my August-May averages, and I anticipate July to be just as bad. While every seller is different (and there’s always that one person who loves to brag that they are having the best summer sales ever – bye, Felicia), most online retailers are experiencing slow sales.

Actually, ALL stores, both online and brick-and-mortar, have a sales slump in the summer due to families being on vacation and people spending more time outside. Folks just aren’t shopping much right now. If you are in the retail business – and selling on Ebay IS having a retail business – then dealing with slow summer sales is a reality you need to become accustomed to.

So how to you get through the summer slowdown? Here are my top five tips to deal with slow Ebay sales in June and July:

  1. HAVE A SALE! If you have an Ebay store, you can utilize Markdown Manager to discount your items in an effort to drive sales. Now, you need to be careful of this as if you offer free shipping, a sale can effectively wipe out your profits or even end up costing you money. However, if you know your margins and are confident that you’ll still earn a profit by marking things down, then even offering 10% off can help you move some inventory.
  2. ORGANIZE YOUR INVENTORY! Slow sales mean you aren’t bogged down with shipping, so it’s a great time to go through your inventory to better organize it. This also gives you a chance to make sure items haven’t dropped off and are no longer listed (I just found two things that somehow got deleted out of my store!). I’m currently in the middle of adding shelving to my Ebay storage room so that I can expand my inventory, which is giving me the chance to get better organized.
  3. PURGE STALE LISTINGS! If sales, best offer, and/or free shipping haven’t moved a listing that’s been up for over a year, it may be time to pull that item and donate it or sell it at a garage sale. While sitting on high-dollar items for awhile makes financial sense, if you have lots of under $10 things clogging up your store, now may be the time to purge them. Setting up your own garage/yard/tag/rummage sale (why are there so many different names for the same thing?!) is also a great way to bring in some extra cash.
  4. REVIEW YOUR MARKETING! If you aren’t utilizing social media to promote your Ebay listings, take advantage of the summer slowdown to devote some time to developing pages for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. All are free and easy to use; and sharing your listings to these sites is a great way to drive traffic to your store. And speaking of your Ebay store, use the downtime to freshen up your site by reviewing your categories and playing with keywords. Simply go to the “Manage My Store” section to see all of the tools available to spruce up your store.
  5. PREPARE FOR NEXT SUMMER! I always approach the summer months knowing that my Ebay sales are going to be slow. So if this is your first summer selling online, you need to take note of your numbers and start thinking ahead to next year. Once sales pick up in the Fall, you’ll want to start putting some of that extra money aside to get your through the slow months. Don’t blow all of your fourth quarter profits; save some of it so that next summer you have enough cash to not only pay the bills but to also source. Because while the summer Ebay sales are slow, June and July are the prime sourcing months. You want to make sure you have enough cash to grab the deals at the garage and church sales even if you aren’t bringing in much money.

How are your summer sales going? What are you doing to get you through until things pick up in the Fall? Hopefully you have the money to source, are getting organized for fourth quarter, and are also taking some time to enjoy the nice weather! For me, the summer slowdown means I get a bit of a break from work in order to be refreshed in time for the busier months ahead. 🙂

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Having Issues with Merch by Amazon? Give TeePublic a Try!

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Many of you who follow my blog also sell on Ebay, have a blog of your own, and/or do other online work. And if, like me, you’ve been giving Merch by Amazon a try but are having issues, you might want to give TeePublic a try! I’ve been on TeePublic since late last year, and while I’m definitely not earning a huge amount there, I am having consistent sales. This is in sharp contrast to Merch by Amazon, where I have only sold a few shirts.

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TeePublic offers you a way to sell print-on-demand items such as tee shirts, coffee mugs, stickers, and more. What I like about it over Amazon is that I get to have my own “store”, offer more products, and have more control over my designs. I have several Disney-inspired shirts on TeePublic that I know would immediately be flagged over on Amazon. Plus Amazon will pull designs that don’t sell within 60 days; on TeePublic, you can upload as many designs as you’d like. And unlike sites such as Zazzle and Café Press, I find TeePublic extremely easy to use!

Amazon sellers are also dealing with people stealing their designs as they use software to target strong sellers. Since TeePublic is smaller, it seems to be free from that issue, as least for now. I see Merch by Amazon going the way of Kindle; once the scammers figured out how to manipulate sales, income for everyone dropped across the board. While the people who got in on Merch in the early days are doing well, it seems much harder for us new sellers as there as now a lot of restrictions. So while I will keep some designs on Amazon, right now I’m just focusing on promoting my TeePublic store!

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Over 120 Real Ways To Make Extra Money!

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real ways to make extra money COVER

Who among us couldn’t use some extra money? After the monthly bills are paid, there never seems to be much left over for savings, unexpected expenses, or even for a little fun. And while the easy answer seems to be to take on a second job, that isn’t realistic for most people.

However, there are lots of little things you can do to bring in extra cash! In my book Real Ways To Make Extra Money, I offer over 120 REAL ways to earn cash. These are not get-rich-quick schemes, but tasks that you actually have to work for in order to earn money. And rather than being locked into a set number of hours, most of these are things you can do on your own schedule. The more money you need and want, the more effort you can put in. Many of these jobs can even be expanded into consistent part-time or full-time work. It’s completely up to you!

Not only do I describe each task, but I also tell you how to drum up business and how much money you can expect to make. Whether you are looking to supplement a full-time income or are a stay-at-home mom wanting to make some extra money, Real Ways To Make Extra Money is the book is for you!

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Garage Sale Guide: How To Quickly & Easily Make Money Selling Your Used Items!

garage sale

Garage sale season is upon us, and if you are thinking about having your own sale, you’ll definitely want to check out my book GARAGE SALE GUIDE: HOW TO QUICKLY & EASILY MAKE MONEY SELLING YOUR USED ITEMS!

There is no faster or easier way to make quick cash than by having your own garage sale; and this easy-to-read book will show you exactly how! In GARAGE SALE GUIDE, I walk you through my proven steps for having a stress-free and successful garage sale. While a garage sale won’t make you rich, it will help rid you of your clutter and put some money in your pocket!

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Learn How To Make Money Online With My Book 101 ITEMS TO SELL ON EBAY!

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Need help figuring out what items to sell on Ebay? Then check out my book 101 Items To Sell On Ebay: How To Make Money Selling Garage Sale & Thrift Store Finds!

In 101 Items To Sell On Ebay: How To Make Money Selling Garage Sale & Thrift Store Finds! I share a list of 101 things I myself have purchased secondhand and resold on Ebay. This is not a how-to-get-rich-quick book; you aren’t going to be able to retire selling just one of the items listed. However, these are items that are readily available and that, if you purchase at the right (i.e. low) price, WILL make you money! Each item is described along with tips and tricks on exactly what to look for, how much to pay, and what to charge along with listing tips, and shipping guidance. 

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