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  1. Hello Ann. I am a new subscriber via YouTube and I love your down to earth style! Could you please tell me where I can start learning things through you about Ebay? I have maxed out at my 50 free insertions and was told I needed a store now. Thank you.

  2. Hi Ann! Thank you so much for your videos, I am learning so much from you! I also enjoy seeing Papa, Lucy, and now Charlie! I have a question regarding shipping perfume. I was able to find a good clearance deal at my local drugstore for three bottles of perfume that are in a box and sealed with cello wrap. I believe that they need to be shipped ground because they are perfume. I was just wondering how you would go about packaging that. Thanks for your help.

  3. Hi Ann, I heard you mention Tee Public in one of your recent YouTube videos. Do you have a link to your designs? I’d love to check them out! I just ordered my first T-Shirt from that site recently and had a good experience.
    Thanks!! I enjoy your blog and videos!!

  4. Thanks for all your great books, first time I sold over $1000.00 this year, after reading your books. Your silverware is so shiny, what do you use to clean it. I have 2 sets to sell.

  5. I have been a subscriber for over a year (marketing research nets awesome freebies😸 . However, the link to Free lancome samples, sent me on a continuous loop before I earned my 80 points($8.00 or so) and a promise of said samples If I spend a $50.00 minimum. That was misleading, no biggie. I am alarmed by information I learned after creating another Spam account: It seems I already have one 1200 miles away. A Lancome acct.My estranged husbands family may be Kipeing my ID and its being looked into. Freesample asks a lot, but they do not live up to their end. Aside from that, your blog is nice, and I own several books. My roommate is amazed that I don’t get Any junk mail, just really cool samples. I’ll be sure to check out your Vlog and thanks for leading the way for other solopreneurs. Lisa Breitenbauch

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