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  1. Hey Ann, I recently watched one of your commentaries on YouTube and there are two things I noticed. The first thing was the comments were disabled. I’m sure there are many “trolls” as they are called, but having the ability to interact intelligently with the vlogger makes the video more entertaining and educational. The second thing I noticed was how you were condescending to your viewers. After realizing how utterly disrespectful you are to your viewers, it was clear why comments were disabled. It’s somewhat disappointing to see an established wordsmith take this approach. I hope maybe you would resolve the vlogging issues and hopefully assist more people in a positive way.

  2. Hello Ann. I am a new subscriber via YouTube and I love your down to earth style! Could you please tell me where I can start learning things through you about Ebay? I have maxed out at my 50 free insertions and was told I needed a store now. Thank you.

  3. Hi Ann! Thank you so much for your videos, I am learning so much from you! I also enjoy seeing Papa, Lucy, and now Charlie! I have a question regarding shipping perfume. I was able to find a good clearance deal at my local drugstore for three bottles of perfume that are in a box and sealed with cello wrap. I believe that they need to be shipped ground because they are perfume. I was just wondering how you would go about packaging that. Thanks for your help.

  4. Hi Ann, I heard you mention Tee Public in one of your recent YouTube videos. Do you have a link to your designs? I’d love to check them out! I just ordered my first T-Shirt from that site recently and had a good experience.
    Thanks!! I enjoy your blog and videos!!

  5. Thanks for all your great books, first time I sold over $1000.00 this year, after reading your books. Your silverware is so shiny, what do you use to clean it. I have 2 sets to sell.

  6. I have been a subscriber for over a year (marketing research nets awesome freebies😸 . However, the link to Free lancome samples, sent me on a continuous loop before I earned my 80 points($8.00 or so) and a promise of said samples If I spend a $50.00 minimum. That was misleading, no biggie. I am alarmed by information I learned after creating another Spam account: It seems I already have one 1200 miles away. A Lancome acct.My estranged husbands family may be Kipeing my ID and its being looked into. Freesample asks a lot, but they do not live up to their end. Aside from that, your blog is nice, and I own several books. My roommate is amazed that I don’t get Any junk mail, just really cool samples. I’ll be sure to check out your Vlog and thanks for leading the way for other solopreneurs. Lisa Breitenbauch

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